Gifts, Parties, & Promotions


Gift Certificates are available in any increment of five dollars.

Blue t-shirts, hats and visors are $15 each.


Back Room

The Back Room at Waypoint is a great room for parties or a couple families dining together.  It has two picnic tables plus several additional chairs in the surroundings.  The sliding glass doors open on to a small deck.  On the inside wall there is an HDTV with a DVD player.   Please call to reserve the back room.

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Waypoint provides the makings and instruction to allow each person to make their own pizza.

  • Squish dough balls
  • Swirl tomato sauce
  • Sprinkle cheese
  • Add Toppings
  • Bake & Taste

Pitchers of lemonade are provided.  Cost is $20/person.  Please call for reservations.